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Grab my FREE guide to answer every question you've ever had about HTMA!

  • Learn exactly how Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides data we can't get anywhere else, who can benefit from it, how mineral imbalances contribute to most symptoms, and the #1 goal!


  • Understand how hundreds of practitioners are using the most affordable (<$60!) functional lab to strategically attract clients and organically grow their practice. (+how to get your own results done for free!)


  • Get answers to EVERY question you've ever wondered about the process of taking a proper hair sample.


  • Learn if you can legally incorporate HTMA in your unlicensed or licensed health practice.


  • & so much more!

Looking for an HTMA practitioner?

Check out this list of featured Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioners! Each of the practitioners have completed the Instant HTMA Professional Course and agreed to providing all clients received from Test Don't Guess with an HTMA test, a virtual consultation to discuss results, and recommendations based on their HTMA results for $199.


Ready to use labs to take your practice to the next level?

I'm here to help you properly use functional labs in your practice so you can experience the massive practice growth, client retention, and confidence that comes with testing, not guessing!

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