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Case Study: Slow 1, Calcium Shell

Background Info:

This is a 34 year old woman who has been losing her hair for the past 3-4 years and struggling to lose weight. She hates cooking and eats a lot of pre-packaged "healthy" food like frozen cauliflower tots and frozen egg sandwiches. She is married, no kids, and loves to do ju jitsu.

HTMA Results:

Slow 1 with a Calcium shell (Calcium is 190). I only plugged in a few symptoms to the NAQ portion of the app, but you'll see why they are important below.


The calcium shell was an immediate red flag and I knew that would be the priority. ​ During the consult, we talked about all of the different reasons her calcium could be that high and I learned that she eats a lot of cheese, drinks 1-2 whole milk lattes daily, and takes a multivitamin with calcium in it. I explained how the HTMA test is showing that calcium is accumulating in the tissues and not staying in the bone where we want it, and there can be many reasons for that.

I pointed out that her main symptoms (hair loss, difficulty losing weight, and sleepy/cravings in the afternoon) were all affected specifically by the high calcium level because of how it affects important ratios for thyroid (Ca/K) and blood sugar (Ca/Mg)! (See the NAQ + HTMA above)

So again, the main priority here was to "break up" the calcium shell, because that would help the ratios which would also help her symptoms!

We did this by switching her to a multi-vitamin I like from Pure Encapsulations called Nutrient 950 that included K2, to help keep calcium in the bone.

Since a calcium shell is almost always associated with a copper imbalance, I also wanted to make sure we were supporting her adrenals so I recommended an adrenal glandular, too.

Other than that, we focused on the slow oxidation diet and reducing the excess of dietary calcium she was consuming.

Hair loss takes a lot of time to notice a drastic change in re-growth, but she has noticed a reduction in how much hair she is losing!

Since she hates cooking, we have had to do a lot of 'trade and upgrades' with her food. It isn't perfect, but she feels so much better energy-wise and reaches for an electrolyte drink in the afternoon when she feels sleepy now.

We are also making sure she is eating enough calories to support her active lifestyle with ju-jitsu.

Of course, this is all a work in progress! But, it's been great that she's feeling better and I'm looking forward to getting her re-test results to see how the calcium shell is affected.

If there are not drastic changes on her re-test, I will see if she is interested in talking with a therapist. The calcium shell can have a psychological component to it and she has multiple trauma indicators, so it is worth exploring if the calcium shell is not affected enough by the lifestyle and supplements. That is out of my scope though... so I will be referring out :)

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