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Case Study: Slow 1, Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This month I’m featuring a 33 year old mom of 4 who had hyperemesis gravidarum with each pregnancy, and now she is still breastfeeding and will have spells of horrible nausea and throwing up weekly. She was referred to me by a local chiropractor after she told him she had seen multiple doctors and wasn't getting any answers. She hasn’t been able to correlate it to any specific foods and she eats a pretty clean diet. She eats mostly whole foods, but deals with sugar cravings.

HTMA Results:

Moderate level Inversion (Na/K ratio) but (surprisingly!) fairly balanced minerals otherwise. Her ratios actually look good, and I specifically pointed out how I could tell she ate a really clean, balanced diet by looking at her Ca/Mg ratio.

What really stood out to me was the very high chromium, and of course high mercury, aluminum, and zirconium.

Before consult:

I plugged everything into the HTMA Analysis App (her HTMA results, her Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire results, and her symptoms.)

Of course, there are hundreds of things I could point out or focus on from her results, but her main concern is nausea.

In the app, it showed me that a high HTMA chromium level is correlated with nausea! Bingo! And, her NAQ was showing Upper GI and Liver/GB as high priority which makes a lot of sense.

During consult:

-I learned that she eats tuna 3-4x a week - so we are switching her to sardines and anchovies.

-I also learned that she recently had a lot of dental work done, which explains the zirconium. That will likely be lower on the next test.


This is a first time client and she is not interested in a large supplement protocol, especially because she’s breastfeeding. I am working with her on getting her bile moving, increasing stomach acid, and switching her from tuna to sardines or anchovies. She is going to start by taking Pure Encapsulations - Digestion GB to help support her liver and a lemon juice or ACV shot before meals to help her body use the chromium that she’s getting from her healthy diet. She has a follow up appointment with me in 2 weeks to check in and see how she’s feeling!

I have ideas for next steps, but I always start slowly and recommend regular follow ups!

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