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Case Study: Slow 1, Calcium Shell, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroid

Background info: This is a 43 year old woman struggling with chronic pain in the joints and body (past diagnosis of fibromyalgia), extreme fatigue, digestive pain, and hypothyroid symptoms. Functional blood work showed thyroid hormone levels to all be in range. She is a busy Mom that struggles with stress management. This client had dental issues for years, and was also told in her 30s that she had osteopenia, or low bone density. She has past issues of trauma. It's important to note this client was dairy free at the time of testing and not taking any calcium supplements.

HTMA results:

-Slow 1 metabolic type, extreme slow oxidizer

  • Calcium shell (extremely high tissue calcium) which tells us calcium is inappropriately being deposited into tissues. This can lead to body pain, issues with teeth and bones, and reduces efficiency of nutrients and hormones(like thyroid hormone) being transported into cells. It can also be associated with overwhelming stress, the presence of trauma and psychological withdrawal.

  • Low sodium levels can indicate a need for stomach acid support.

  • Low potassium can hinder thyroid hormone from effectively getting into cells.

  • Elevated Ca/P ratio showing the extreme state of parasympathetic dominance and burn out.

  • Extremely elevated Ca/K ratio which points to sluggish cellular thyroid effect, and the need for mitochondrial support. This also can show the need for an increase in calories.

  • Very low Na/Mg ratio, confirming sluggish adrenals which was recently found to be the case with a cortisol test.


Lifestyle and stress management are going to be vitally important for this client. I encouraged her that making time for her healing is a top priority. Getting out in nature, making time for movement and joy, and some stress management practices are necessary to support her healing journey. Increasing the amount of food she was eating, and how often she was eating was also crucial. She also increased her overall calories focusing on protein and carbohydrates like winter squash, potatoes and bone broth rice. I also recommended she eat every 3-4 hours. ​ This is a large protocol, but the client was comfortable with making these changes and very committed to her healing.

-We utilized magnesium chloride baths and topical lotion, as this client is extremely sensitive to oral magnesium. -For digestive support this client increased her digestive enzymes, added digestive bitters and apple cider vinegar shots before protein heavy meals. -We added adrenal cocktails 1-2 times per day to support adrenal function and copper balance. -She added salt to her water and also increased electrolytes. -I suggested desiccated beef liver in lieu of a multivitamin. -She started vitamin K2, MK-7 form to help break up the calcium shell. -To support cellular health, in order for the thyroid hormones to get into the cells, I had her start Klaire Labs Mitothera. Diet and lifestyle changes were also important here, to support metabolic function. ​ She began to see changes quickly, and she had a lot of emotional symptoms as the calcium shell began to break (which is very normal!) She was being supported by a form of energy healing/therapy. We followed up with a retest in 4 months and saw immense changes!

Check out her calcium level in the optimal range now!

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