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Case Study: Slow 1, 16 yr old, Depression, Anxiety, Lyme, Trauma

Background info: This is a 16 year old female, struggling with mood disorders, extreme fatigue, digestive pain and constipation, anxiety, depression, Lyme disease, and a history of trauma. Functional blood work revealed her thyroid markers to be within range, and no autoimmunity present. ​ This client cannot swallow pills, and there are issues about willingness to change her diet. Going in, I knew this would be a challenge, and it was a lesson in meeting your client where they are at. As practitioners, we envision the shifts our clients will be able to make with diet, lifestyle and supplement changes. Occasionally, there will be push back or lack of willingness to put in the hard work to heal. This is when we need to keep in mind that we are here to meet our client where they are. Sometimes they can only make a couple of small changes, and that is perfectly ok. The hope is they will feel better and be willing to take one more step, and one more after that.

​​HTMA results: -Slow 1 metabolic type, extreme slow oxidizer

  • Ca/P ratio also known as the autonomic balance ratio, was elevated showing she is in a burned out parasympathetic state.

  • Na/K ratio is elevated, pointing to acute stress, and the need for gut support.

  • Ca/K, the thyroid ratio is very elevated at 121. This is indicating sluggish thyroid cellular effect. We know that her body is making thyroid hormones, they are not effectively getting into the cells. When this ratio is elevated I also like to emphasize that the client is most likely not eating enough. Mitochondrial support is warranted here as well.

  • Low Na/Mg is confirming the fact that her adrenal function is low, which is part of the cause of her fatigue.

  • There are markers for copper imbalance which is likely causing symptoms, but I am focusing on foundational support, and we will work on that in the future.

  • Elevated calcium which can reduce the efficiency of thyroid hormone being transported into cells. There is also a trauma connection with high levels of calcium.

  • Low lithium levels, which is necessary for detoxification and low levels can be seen in individuals with bipolar depression, like this client. I consulted with her psychologist, who is open to supplementing with lithium orotate, not prescription lithium.

  • Total poor eliminators are 12, showing the need for detoxification support.


-Increasing the amount of food this client is eating is important to support the cellular hypothyroid symptoms.

-Increasing the amount of protein she's consuming is also important.

-Increasing her water intake, and adding minerals.

-Increasing adding quality sea salt to her food.

-Supporting her liver with herbal teas like dandelion root and stinging nettle.

-Supporting her digestion with digestive bitters, chewable digestive enzymes, and homemade gut gummies. She also began doing aloe and chlorophyll shots which helped her constipation.

-Added liquid cod liver oil which is high in retinol and supports copper imbalance.

-Topical magnesium.

Re-Test Results:


Addressing this client's trauma and mental health was a huge part in her healing. She increased the frequency of her therapy visits, and is trying other forms of therapy. She also made a big change with her schooling, which has alleviated a huge amount of her stress. Making lifestyle changes that are causing the body stress and imbalance are vital. Sometimes it's not just food and supplements, but doing some inner healing that moves the needle.

We waited 7 months to re-test. I was pleasantly surprised to see her calcium level went from 121 to 25. At first glance, you might see that she went from Slow 1 to Fast 4, and in 4 lows. But, being in 4 lows on a re-test is actually a great sign!! (This is why it's so important to not read re-tests the same way we would read a first test!) When you look at the Comparison Report in the app, this client has 8 anchors, and most of her pattern markers improved! I love seeing lots of movement in the minerals like this!

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