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Case Study: Re-test, Fast 2, Weight Gain, Low Energy

Background Info:

This is a 40 year old man who was struggling with weight gain and low energy. He has a history of illicit drug use and a traumatic past, but he has been sober for 3 years. Now, he has a very busy life running two restaurants and bakeries.

Based on his first test, I had him follow a fast oxidation diet, take Biotics Gluco-Resolve daily, and stop eating sushi twice a week. He was thrilled to be told he could eat steak and fattier meats regularly because he always felt guilty doing so previously!

HTMA Results:

Here is a screenshot of part of the comparison analysis of his two tests. His first test results are shown in tan, and his most recent results are in red.


At the beginning of our re-test consult, he told me he had never felt this good! He had lost about 20 pounds, had energy to start exercising again regularly, and realized how much unnecessary sugar he was eating before.

I like to really focus on the positives during a re-test consult, so I made sure to note the drastic change in his burnout patterns, trauma, and glucose intolerance patterns! Even though he had a mild inversion on both tests, the Na/K ratio increased on the second test, which showed me it was headed in the right direction and he would likely be out of the inversion on his next re-test. ​ Another big change was going from 8 very poor eliminators to only 3! By supporting his body and metabolism, he was able to start eliminating multiple minerals and metals.

I had him continue with the fast metabolic diet since he was feeling so good and it was working well for him. We continued with the gluco-resolve and I added PectaSol C as a binder to help escort the heavy metals out. His only complaint was missing eating sushi, so we talked about choosing options that are smaller fish instead of tuna.

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