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Case Study: 5 yr old, Slow 4, Hyperactivity

Background Info:

  • 5 year old boy: eats clean, mom is a FNTP

  • Parents have been concerned for a few years about hyperactivity that is aggressive and uncontrollable; more than just child-like behavior. Through lots of work, they have sought counsel and worked with various doctors.

  • Spring and Summer of 2021, parents worked with a chiropractor that helped uncover some Central Nervous System dysfunction that was making it difficult for their son to detoxify properly as well as creating stress in specific parts of the body; this was 5 months of work with the chiro and saw amazing results

  • Fall 2021 the family moved and had not found another chiro to help continue his care

  • Jan 2022, HTMA test was done because aggression was returning; after results, mom had a GIMAP and MRT food sensitivity test done

HTMA Results:

  • Children are naturally fast metabolizers; this 5 year old is categorized as a Slow 4, so this is telling us that metabolism is beginning to slow down. This is premature as his growth doesn’t stop for over another decade, and the slowing down in children is often a sign of heavy metal toxicity.

  • Low zinc can indicate poor HCl status

  • Low phosphorus: showing low absorption of proteins and low utilization of the sodium

  • Potassium is off the chart high: this can indicate elevated adrenal function, which is to be expected in a child, to some degree.

  • Pattern: Three lows of Ca/Mg/Na

  • 6 heavy metals are present

Significant ratios:

  • Na/K was low: this was a key to help understand behavioral concerns such as inability to interact emotionally with siblings; can lead to a tendency of hostility

  • Ca/K was low, but increased thyroid activity is necessary for a child as a fast metabolism is needed for the rate of growth that occurs in childhood. However, you want to pay attention to possible some tendencies that correlate with this child’s behavior are excessive sweating, hyperactivity, and irritability.

  • Na/Mg was within range, but elevated. This can point to adrenal gland dysfunction with tendencies of aggressiveness and impulsiveness (both of which have been a struggle), increased stamina and drive (he seems to never run out of energy, oddly enough), tendency to inflammation and inflammatory reactions (this is actually seen in his additional testing on the GIMAP!)

  • Ca/Mg was high indicating low blood sugar, which is, again, common with children as fast metabolizers. Their bodies utilize glucose for energy at much faster rates than adults; this is why an emphasis on protein and fat is key in feeding children. Parents did describe that their son has (for a long time) always had a somewhat insatiable appetite. It has been an off-and-on battle.


  • Supplement recommendations included digestive support at mealtime, specifically Vital-Zymes Chewables from Klaire Labs. These enzymes can be particularly helpful since it looks like there is a need to support protein synthesis.

  • Parents opted to have a GIMAP and MRT Food Sensitivity test done. The GIMAP confirmed the hyper-inflammatory response that the Na/Mg ratio pointed to, along with other important data for the child’s health.

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