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“I’ve done many of the labs on myself but didn’t feel validated until i got the results of my htma test… 

I want that for my clients — for them to feel validated and not alone.”


Hey there, health coaches and/or practitioners, 


It’s time to stop stressing over a stagnant practice and instead start leaning on testing… so you can confidently make recommendations that clients will trust. 


And no, you don’t need a lot of expensive tests to help your clients feel validated, seen, and understood.


Before we talk about how you can use a SINGLE inexpensive test to reveal a wealth of information about your client to help them get life-changing results, let’s talk about you…

See, here’s what I know for sure about you ...

Whether you’re a licensed or unlicensed health practitioner, you’re passionate about going beyond the conventional medical system and getting to the root cause of the symptoms so you can confidently and successfully help your clients.

The only problem?

You find yourself getting “stuck” at a certain point, hitting that wall with client progress, and feeling like it’s all your fault. 


Guess what?!

It's NOT your fault.


If you're a practitioner using functional labs with your clients already, you know how challenging it can be to recommend tests to clients and at the same time get paid enough for your work and expertise. 


And if you aren’t using any testing yet, you feel like you aren’t able to help your clients because you’re “guessing” instead of “testing.”


This can feel really daunting because most tests cost hundreds of dollars. 

Except for HTMA.

Untitled design (7).png

HTMA is a non-invasive (yes, no pin pricks!) lab test that reveals a wealth of information about your clients’ health conditions. 


HTMA costs less than what you’d pay for a trip to the hair salon!

That’s right! 


HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis helps you identify crucial mineral imbalances that could be responsible for a client’s health conditions.   


But, why minerals? 

Well, minerals are literally “spark plugs” in the body. 

Minerals help keep the pH balance of the body just right.
Minerals act as co-factors for THOUSANDS of enzyme reactions for every system in the body.
Minerals are vital for all muscle relaxation and contraction.
Without minerals, nutrients aren't able to get in or out of cell membranes.
Minerals are important for proper nerve conduction.
Minerals are responsible for bone density and energy production in the body.